To Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks…this is a time to lead!

We am not sure if you know this, but The Cougar Fund has an unwritten rule to verify what we read in the media with the parties involved. Today, we can categorically and emphatically confirm that we believe this article to be an accurate report of this awful discovery.

Developments in non-lethal deterrents.

While there is no way to guarantee the outcome for the use of non-lethal deterrents, they are, not unlike seatbelts, a good idea. It is extremely encouraging to find companies willing to put in the research and engineering knowledge to try and perfect the ways buy brand valtrex that may help people and predators to co-exist safely. Here is another new idea. We would be very interested to know if anyone has used this product and how they feel about the results of using it.

Mountain lion cub found in Parowan, UT

The future for Grizzly Bears. Do recovery and recreational killing have to go hand-in-hand?

This article by Franz Camenzind celebrates the positive steps that have been made in the broad ranging efforts and collaborations to have a viable grizzly bear population in the lower 48. Scientifically the bear is certainly in a better place than it was 40 years ago, but it seems to be lagging as far as our culture’s willingness to accommodate bears in ever fragmented landscapes. We need to ask why modern wildlife biology has been able to achieve stronger numbers of bears in the face of decreasing habitat and food supply, yet modern state managers willingly acquiesce to the social demands to kill for recreation. How ironic that 21st century science has enabled recovery  only to cater to hunting demands reminiscent of the dark ages!

Thank you to the Sierra Club and Western Watersheds Project. If grizzly bears are not safe in a National Park we have failed them miserably!

Mountain Lions in Big Bend National Park

South Dakota. High demand, low harvest has advocates taking notice

Mountain lions face some very unique challenges in South Dakota. Politically there is a strong unscientific push to basically remove as many cougars as possible, especially from the areas through which dispersal might naturally take place. There is also a relative lack of public land where lions might be protected if there was an intelligent attitude towards them. Livestock growers do benefit from maintaining an enhanced environment and even though it can mean changing human behavior, there are ways to reduce conflict. Whether people are willing to live in harmony with the landscape or whether they seek dominion and are not willing to accommodate small inconveniences is the question that must be asked. Putting the kind of pressure that has been directed at the fairly new mountain lion population of the Black Hills in the name of recreation brings negative attention to this great state–where the politics could be perceived as more reminiscent of ‘Deadwood’ than of the 21st century

Wolves in Montana

Can tolerance be bought?

A world without animals is like music without a melody…

We hear news of animals facing challenges and even extinction in most news cycles. Often the animals who seem to be most vulnerable to the consequences of human expansion and acquisition are those animals we might think of as ‘strong’ or even ‘fierce’. Large cats, elephants, rhinos and polar bears…all titans in their own way yet all in peril because our misplaced need and greed.

Do we really want our children to inherit a broken planet? Please celebrate and value the LIVES of animals with us!