We must tell our Government that this is just not good enough!

The annual report that quantifies the number of  wild animals that are slaughtered by tax-payer funded programs has been released. It really is time for everyone that is concerned about the nation’s non-human animals to make their voice heard. We can examine our own behavior first…are we doing everything we can not to attract wildlife into residential or agricultural environments? Are we paying attention to the latest non-lethal methods of conflict prevention? Are we doing our part so Wildlife buy valtrex online usa Services don’t have to do what they do? This is such an alarmingly huge issue we cannot leave it to one agency to make all the decisions. There needs to be greater over-sight of the autonomous power of a single entity that chooses to kill so often and in such unbelievable numbers. The reason this happens is because ‘they can’, we need to tell them ‘no more’.


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We am not sure if you know this, but The Cougar Fund has an unwritten rule to verify what we read in the media with the parties involved. Today, we can categorically and emphatically confirm that we believe this article to be an accurate report of this awful discovery.