National geographic distributes stunning camera trap images

The sad result of ‘Politicizing’ Wildlife

Biologists In Washington State really care about wildlife.

Cougar accidentally killed by wardens

Mountain lion quota meeting held in Missoula

We will just let the pictures do the talking!!!

Amazing remote camera images of a mother cougar and her kittens in the Santa Monica Mountains. Thank you to Californians for protecting these wonderful creatures and to the National Park Service for sharing these inspiring photos.

More incredible shots of the family can be seen here  and the news article can be found here

Working WITH nature to protect it.

Who hasn’t heard the phrase “fight like cats and dogs”? This aspect of natural boundaries between species is celebrated in the use of dogs as non-lethal deterrents in conflict prevention with wild carnivores. Whether it is the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect growers’ investments or the Karelian how to order valtrex online  Bear Dogs that wildlife professionals are utilizing to negatively reinforce undesirable wildlife behavior, dogs are a huge resource in the toolbox available to mitigate coexistence.

Please enjoy this article and think about asking YOUR state’s game managers or livestock association to consider making nature work for them!