Very exciting study about how carnivores may self limit

 “Hunting and habitat loss now threaten 87% of large carnivores worldwide.”  Whenever these words pop out of an article we immediately sit up and take notice. Many biologists have suspected that large carnivores have an extremely complex place in the environment. We already know that predators and prey exist symbiotically, but the research cited in this article shows how they may be instrumental in limiting their own numbers. The fear of large carnivores running rampant across the landscape and threatening humans and their interests  may no longer be a convenient excuse for hunting. Human encroachment, climate change and dwindling prey species may curtail proliferation without deliberate slaughter masquerading as ‘sport’.

Initial media hypervigilance becomes balanced reporting by the end of the segment

Please watch this segment to understand how education and knowledge can help people understand and coexist with mountain lions. The report starts off predictably with the news anchor inferring that the sighting of a mountain lion is an event to instill fear and panic rather than  awareness and caution. It is encouraging that the introduction was followed by very order cheap valtrex fair reporting. The information given by local law enforcement and informed citizens was accurate and we thank ABC7 news for broadcasting these interviews which showed that people not only CAN, but are also WILLING to practice conflict prevention by being aware of vulnerable behaviors and responding accordingly.

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