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The Cougar Fund’s comments on North Dakota’s first three-year study of mountain lions

Grizzly delisting gets attention from Politicians, Scientists and Celebrities

As the decision to delist grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem enters its final stages many people are weighing in on the premature rush to release the care and protection of the bears to states with a historical mandate to provide the recreational opportunity to kill them for sport. These two letters show clearly that […]

Comments on WGFD mountain lion hunting regulations changes

Nebraska Legislature OK’s Cougar License Plates

The Nebraska Legislature voted unanimously in favor of LB 474, a bill to create mountain lion conservation license plates. Individuals wishing to put the plates on their car will pay an additional $5 fee that will go to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to support wildlife education for youth. Click here to read the full article from the […]

Dead Cougar Found on Michigan Road Had Been Snared

Initial examination of a cougar found dead on the side of an Upper Peninsula, Michigan road in early February revealed that the cat had been caught in a neck snare. Additionally, no evidence was found to suggest the animal was shot. Officials buy valtrex from canada with the Michigan DNR believe the cougar likely came from the […]

Wyoming HB 12 Fails to Progress

We are very pleased to inform you that Wyoming HB 12 – a bill to allow trapping and snaring of cougars – did not progress through the House of Representatives today. We are extremely grateful to the House buy valtrex online europe members of the Wyoming legislature who recognized that this bill had no foundation […]

Support Grand Teton National Park’s Preferred Alternative for Moose-Wilson

  Be a voice for Grand Teton National Park’s magnificent wildlands and wildlife SAY YES TO ALTERNATIVE C   The Moose-Wilson corridor is a remarkable 10,000+ acre piece of Grand Teton National Park that offers exceptional habitat for wildlife and recreational opportunities for people. The National Park Service (NPS) is working diligently to create a thoughtful, comprehensive management […]

Trust faces a new challenge

Advocacy is often based on promoting the values that are seldom addressed in the structure, politics and administration of state wildlife management today. Objectives are built on the need for management practices that better represent a broader constituency. State agencies have long enjoyed the luxury of unilateral funding and the subsequent primary self identification as facilitators of […]