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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

A Love Affair with America’s Lion: His presence has provided an open air classroom for anyone who wants to learn about mountain lions, through media posts, research, and even in-person sightings as he has become conditioned to his ‘island’ of habitat in one of the densest human developments in the country.

Don’t Look Like Food!

https://www.backpacker.com/news-and-events/news/a-mountain-lion-followed-a-hiker-so-he-charged-it/ Apex predators are thus named, because as adults they rarely face a natural competitor-except man. As with all living things their purpose is to survive and procreate. Food and the search for it is the most basic driver and there is a trigger that occurs with many predators that is called the ‘prey response’. […]

Our message in a nutshell!

The Cougar Fund was started 22 years ago by visionaries, Tom Mangelsen and Cara Blessley Lowe. They had been inspired by the extraordinary experience of being able to witness a female mountain lion and her three kittens. Upon realizing how little people really knew about lions they turned that inspiration into action. Tom and Cara […]

IOWA Legislator brings forward thinking Bill to aid mountain lion recovery

https://www.thegazette.com/guest-columnists/its-time-to-protect-iowas-rare-but-returning-native-carnivores/ The return of puma concolor to historic home range has been long and arduous, complicated by fear, lack of knowledge, and the ever present fallacy that they are competitors for optimal ungulate production, the financial lifeblood of most western wildlife agencies. As dispersers-usually males, looking for love in the loneliest of lion places-move out […]

It doesn’t bring back the herds!

Let’s look at predation from the perspective of the management agencies and the funding model upon which they survive. In a nutshell revenue comes from hunting and fishing licenses, and the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act, which is an excise tax on guns, ammunition, and other firearms accessories, collected by the federal government and reapportioned to […]

Attitudes! Are they based on Fact or fiction?

Why does The Cougar Fund invest so much time and energy in education? We really have to look no further than a quick overview of what people already think they know about mountain lions and the impact lions have on various aspects of human lives and interests. Let’s start with the name, or to be […]

Finding a home

New research conducted by biologists at the University of Alberta has uncovered novel insight into the various determinants that influence the habitats of cougars.  What started as an extensive project concerning predation on elk promptly changed gears to focusing on the habitat patterns of cougars after researchers placed Global Positioning System (GPS) collars on the […]

Caring without Despairing

Oh dear, you just received another ‘call to action’ in your mail. You want to help, you really do. You have written letters in the past, you have even gone to meetings where decisions are made, but does your voice ever get heard? Honestly, it is hard to say, categorically, that the public comment system […]

Enjoying without Destroying

2020 is finally behind us and, honestly, who knows what 2021 will bring? If we have learned anything from the past year, it has been that we need each other to not only face the bad times but also to bring each other through them. At a time when we have never felt more separated, […]

Let us entertain and educate the ‘littles’ for you!

We understand that everyone is getting a bit frazzled…home schooling, working remotely, worrying about loved ones, and health, and jobs, and bills. The Cougar Fund is willing to help by offering free online classrooms. Our certified elementary school teacher will take your little ones on a journey through nature. Just email us at info@cougarfund.org or […]