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Has science gone by the wayside?

Recently an article appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune about the decision by legislators to bring a Bill to increase the removal of mountain lions, black bears, and coyotes. This issue is disturbing and it allows us to explore the complexities that lie beyond the binary position of hunt/don’t hunt. It was in the late […]

The Holidays!!!!

Oh Golly, if you are anything like us, the Holidays are a wonderful time, full of love and celebration….it’s how we get to the place where we can relax and enjoy them that is the challenge! So many of our friends and families already have much of what they want and need. People everywhere are […]

Join in the Birthday Celebrations!

Encourage your friends to “Honor” you on your Birthday! We all have birthdays (even though some of us try to avoid the topic). Did you know that Facebook has created an amazing movement to use birthdays for good? Thanks to people around the world, thousands of dollars have been raised to support non-profit organizations. We […]

Storytelling at its best.

  “Heart of a Lion” by Will Stolzenburg The value of storytelling can never be underestimated. Stories are the purveyors of history,  vehicles by which facts are disseminated, and the wings that let imagination soar. Our earliest communication, whether as a culture or as individual human babies, comes through the magic of stories. We learn of feats and failures, adoration […]

Do western governors really want to preserve and protect the Endangered Species Act, or do they want to devolve it?

Wyoming has been at the forefront of gubernatorial efforts to change the Endangered Species Act. They would like it to become ‘more effective’. The current effectiveness of the ESA interferes with deliberate and sustained corporate exploitation of our environment and the flora and fauna that live there. The question is whether  the ESA was designed […]

Thank you Greater Yellowstone Coalition!

Thank you to Carolyn Byrd and her staff for directly addressing the disturbing downward trend that will result from state management of the grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/opinions/guest_columnists/can-we-live-with-grizzly-bears/article_799688ba-e3d8-51c8-8e30-f9436d90c170.html