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Two new mountain lion kittens born in the Santa Monicas

Two new mountain lion kittens, now referred to by National Park Service researchers as P-46 and P-47, have been discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains of southern California. The kittens, born sometime in November or December, are the offspring of P-19, who has lost a number of siblings and offspring to collisions is buying valtrex […]

Exciting News about cougar dispersal

There is growing interest in the scientific community as well as among the public, about the recovery of cougar populations. Cougars were once the most widespread large carnivore in the Americas, but fear, overreaction to their effects on livestock, and the exploitation of them for bounties led to extirpation in the majority of their former […]

Nebraska Cougar Killed by Vehicle

A young mountain lion was struck and killed by a motorist near Chadron State Park on Thanksgiving. The male cougar weighed about 92 pounds, and was estimated to be about 2 years old by Nebraska Game and Parks biologists. Click here to read the full story from the Lincoln Journal Star.

Yellowstone Grizzlies at the Crossroads

With delisting an increasingly likely prospect, acclaimed author Todd Wilkinson and renowned wildlife photographer/Cougar Fund co-founder Thomas Mangelsen consider what’s next for the grizzly. As the states of Idaho, order valtrex from canada Montana, and Wyoming deliberate whether to hunt the bear, Wilkinson and Mangelsen present us with powerful and compelling reasons to reject the notion […]

Cougars Working Their Way Back Into Midwest

A new study published in the journal Ecological Modeling has predicted that cougars may recolonize large blocks of suitable habitat in the Midwest within the next 25 years. While it appears ecologically possible, it also needs to be socially possible! Head over to our Living With Cougars page for more information on how to live and recreate safely […]