Very exciting study about how carnivores may self limit

 “Hunting and habitat loss now threaten 87% of large carnivores worldwide.”  Whenever these words pop out of an article we immediately sit up and take notice. Many biologists have suspected that large carnivores have an extremely complex place in the environment. We already know that predators and prey exist symbiotically, but the research cited in this article shows how they may be instrumental in limiting their own numbers. The fear of large carnivores running rampant across the landscape and threatening humans and their interests  may no longer be a convenient excuse for hunting. Human encroachment, climate change and dwindling prey species may curtail proliferation without deliberate slaughter masquerading as ‘sport’.

Initial media hypervigilance becomes balanced reporting by the end of the segment

Please watch this segment to understand how education and knowledge can help people understand and coexist with mountain lions. The report starts off predictably with the news anchor inferring that the sighting of a mountain lion is an event to instill fear and panic rather than  awareness and caution. It is encouraging that the introduction was followed by very order cheap valtrex fair reporting. The information given by local law enforcement and informed citizens was accurate and we thank ABC7 news for broadcasting these interviews which showed that people not only CAN, but are also WILLING to practice conflict prevention by being aware of vulnerable behaviors and responding accordingly.

Debate over Nebraska cougar hunt continues

Yesterday, Nebraska’s Natural Resources Committee held its first public hearing on LB 127, a bill that would eliminate the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s authority to hold and regulate a cougar hunting season. Senator Ernie Chambers, the bill’s sponsor, along with a number of other citizens testified in support of LB 127. Much of their testimony focused on the extremely small lion population in Nebraska as well as the fact that order valtrex uk sport hunting is not a science-based management tool.

We supported efforts last year to repeal Nebraska’s cougar hunt, and have already written to the Nebraska Legislature in support of LB 127. We will continue to update our Policy Watch page with news related to LB 127 and opportunities for the public to comment.

To learn more about yesterday’s hearing & testimony, read the full news stories from the Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World Herald:

Mountain lion sightings in Boulder area

FWP to hold mountain lion meeting in Missoula

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will gather input on mountain lion harvest quotas at a public meeting in Missoula on Saturday, March 7. The meeting buy brand valtrex online will begin at 9 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Downtown and run until 2:30 p.m. if needed.

Nebraska LB 127 comments needed by 2/26/15


LB 127 – Eliminate Provisions Relating to Hunting Mountain Lions

On January 9, 2015, Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers introduced LB 127, a bill that would eliminate provisions related to mountain lion hunting and repeal the authority of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to hold a mountain lion hunting season. While the Game and Parks Commission voted against holding a 2015 season, citing a lack of information and research, the intent of the Commission is to resume hunting of mountain lions in the future. LB 127 would prevent future hunting seasons.

The bill is scheduled for hearing and discussion on February 26, 2015. Please use the form below to contact the Nebraska Legislature Natural Resources Committee and politely let them know you support LB 127. The form is addressed to the Committee members and will automatically sign your first name, last name, and location (this is required for your comment to be considered). All you need to do is enter a short message explaining why you support LB 127. Consider including one or more of the talking points listed below the contact form in your message.


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  • In 2014, 16 mountain lions were killed in Nebraska, likely a significant percentage of the state’s population, which had been estimated to be between 15 and 22 in the known breeding population in the Pine Ridge Region. More noteworthy, however, is the fact that 10 of the 16 documented mortalities were females. Given that female mountain lions are pregnant or raising kittens for nearly 75% of their lives, one could infer that 7-8 of these females had dependent young. Orphaning is not palatable to managers, hunters, or non-consumptive users, yet it undoubtedly occurs when mountain lions are subjected to sport hunting.
  • Research by prominent carnivore biologist Dr. Robert Wielgus of Washington State University found that high rates of mountain lion harvest resulted in increased complaints and conflict. These findings are being supported by emerging research in other states, too. As hunters remove older, trophy-sized lions from the population, inexperienced juveniles who are more prone to conflict with humans often replace these “well behaved” adults. The high rate of harvest in Nebraska in 2014 could be responsible for the frequency of mountain lion sightings in outlier areas.
  • The safety of people, pets, and livestock is best ensured through education, conflict prevention, and effective emergency response plans. In states like Wyoming, Colorado and Washington (where the lion populations are far larger than in Nebraska), managers have successfully reduced cougar-human complaints and conflict by expanding outreach efforts and developing emergency response programs that target problem cats. Random culling via sport hunting will not make Nebraskans safer.
  • Current best available science by Dr. Hillary Cooley (USFWS – Idaho), Dr. Eric Gese (USDA/APHIS – Utah), and a number of other researchers indicates that even extremely high harvest of predators has little long-term benefit for recovery of ungulate populations (the major culprit remains habitat loss –historic numbers require historic forage). Hunting the few mountain lions that are present in Nebraska will not improve the states’ ungulate populations.
  • Many other states are able to accommodate and even celebrate the presence of mountain lions. Nebraska and Florida are facing similar situations as they choose protocols for managing small and relatively new lion populations. Florida, with human inhabitants numbering nearly 20 million, have a panther population of roughly 180 mountain lions that is afforded Endangered Species Act protections due to its small size and concerns over genetic diversity. Nebraska has less than 2 million people and less than 30 cougars. Targeted removal of ‘problem’ animals has always been the available safety mechanism in Nebraska by citizens and authorities alike. How then can Nebraska justify sport hunting of this tiny lion population?

Two Montana men sentenced for illegal cougar killings

Comments on WDFW Rule change to extend cougar season and double black bear hunting quotas

Rule change comments WA 02:24:2015

Nature can be harsh but man can be cruel

The Cougar Fund rarely uses ‘shock’ images to inspire people to action but this is one of those rare occasions when we feel that the ugly truth is needed. The significance of the backlash by those who seek to kill for pleasure and competition is enhanced by the fact that New Mexico will also be considering removing cougars as game animals. This means that cougars will be subject to the same purchase generic valtrex online tragic, cruel and competitive slaughter that took the life of  the coyote seen in this short film clip. NO mammal should be so egregiously taken. To call this ‘sport’ is a shameful reflection on the participants and on the states that allow it. Enough is enough! If man is to consider himself superior to non-human animals, he must start to act like it……

Viral photo of Missouri mountain lion is fake

The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed that a photo circulating on the internet of a mountain lion alleged to have been killed in Ray County is a fake. The photo has made the rounds on social media numerous times in the last few years, and has also been alleged to be from Texas.