Low cougar harvest in South Dakota has some suggesting longer season

As the title of the article suggests, there are some in South Dakota who may advocate for a full-length cougar hunting season in the future as it grows increasingly unlikely that the quota will be met before the March 31 closing date. The fact that the quota has not been met for the last few years (and looks unlikely to be met again this year), however, may suggest that the Black Hills population isn’t as robust as some say it is.


Confirmed mountain lion sighting in Michigan’s UP (video)

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has verified that the above trail camera footage of what appears to be a cougar on a deer carcass is indeed authentic. The footage, taken earlier this winter in the eastern portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, was captured on a hunter’s remote camera.

This is the 28th confirmed cougar “occurrence” in the Upper Peninsula. It adds to the growing pile of evidence that cougars are occasionally making their way into the Great Lakes region, likely from the Dakotas. If cougars are to recolonize the midwest and northeast, the Great Lakes region will be one of the primary arteries for their return.

Despite the increase in sightings in recent years, Michigan and Minnesota officials still maintain that there is no evidence of resident breeding populations, a belief shared by prominent biologists.

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(Video source: Michigan DNR/www.youtube.com)

Bend Bulletin Editorial: Don’t give counties cougar authority

The Bend Bulletin editorial board has hit the nail on the head: Oregon counties should not have the authority to regulate hound hunting.

In 1994, Oregon voters passed Measure 18 – a ban on hound hunting of cougars and bears – by a two-thirds majority. Now, Senate bills 126 and 453 and House bills 2050 and 2181 seek to overthrow the will of that majority and allow Oregon counties to regulate hound hunting.

The Cougar Fund strongly opposes all of these how can i buy valtrex online bills (You can read our comments on HB 2050 & 2181 here). Simply put, there is no need for hound hunting in Oregon. Annual cougar harvest is currently higher than it was twenty years ago when hounds were still allowed, license sales are at an all time high, and complaints/depredations have also dropped significantly. ODFW has a functioning system in place to deal with cougar complaints and problem cats.

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Victor, Idaho cougar killings spark public interest & create educational opportunity

The killing of two cougars last month near Victor, Idaho has created a lot of public interest in the issues of sport hunting and mountain lion management. Many people were concerned that the killings were illegal, and might have resulted in the orphaning of juvenile lions. While the cougars were in fact killed legally, the incident has shed light on the lives of mountain lions and the challenges they face.

We used this incident as an opportunity to educate people about cougar life history, ecology, social hierarchy, and how to safely live with these incredible animals. We thank Teton Valley News for seeking out the facts and taking the time to share the most important message: We can coexist.

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Nebraska cougar license plate bill advances

A bill introduced to the Nebraska unicameral legislature by Senator Ernie Chambers that would create a specialty cougar license plate has advanced from the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee by a 6-0 vote.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, “Proceeds from sales of the specialty plates, estimated at $19,000 a year, would help finance programs to educate the public about wildlife conservation.”

Regardless of whether Senator Chambers’ latest attempt to eliminate mountain lion hunting in Nebraska succeed, the cougar license plate bill is an important advancement. It shows that there are legitimate sources of funding to support wildlife management and conservation other than hunting license revenue.


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