A wonderful story!

California seems to be functioning quite well without the need to hunt mountain lions for sport. There are millions of people and much overlap between habitat and development, yet positive leadership by wildlife decision makers and the willingness of the public to adapt their own behavior to avoid attracting mountain lions indicates that some degree of co-existence is possible. It also leads to compassionate and constructive actions when one of these magnificent creatures just needs a helping hand. Please enjoy this story!


A very sad attack, but a positive response and some great tips to stay safe in cougar country.

This news item illustrates how the presence of mountain lions does not have to be responded to with panic and exaggerated fear. Sadly a beloved senior dog received severe injuries after he went outside at 3.30am and encountered a mountain lion. ‘Mate’s’ brave owner was able to deter the lion by yelling and waving her arms at it. The lion let Mate go after carrying him towards the woods. In response, buy valtrex cheap online Mate’s best friend will install some conflict prevention measures to keep Mate safe in the future-she knows they live in lion habitat. California Department of Wildlife also recommended some excellent tips to help people protect their families and pets. This was a very rare event and the responses to it are proactive and constructive. Get better soon Mate!


Wolves treated as scapegoats? Of course they are….

Absolutely true! Killing Contests should be banned.

Super footage of bear/eagle competition over a whale carcass

Excellent article about why we need mountain lions and how they live among us.

Residents of the Bay area may be surprised to know how often mountain lions move among them….with negligible conflict. Mountain lions are an important part of the ecosystem. They prevent overgrazing and loss of habitat flora by ungulates, they order valtrex reviews reduce herd size by keeping the deer on the move and they prevent rapid spread of diseases. The best news is that they don’t seem to want to be discovered! Their reclusive behavior points to deliberate avoidance of humans.


Great news for cougars in California!

There is exceptionally good news coming from California. Encroachment and fragmentation are the enemies of wildlife and just when mountain lions started  exhibiting birth defects from lack of genetic diversity, the state came through with ONE MILLION dollars towards the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing.

We salute you California!