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Former New Mexico Rep. Takes on Coyote Killing Contests


Former New Mexico Representative Nathan P. Cote has written an impactful opinion in the Silver City Sun regarding wildlife killing contests. In it, he details the importance of predators to maintaining ecosystem integrity, and all the benefits to humans that come from keeping predators on the landscape.

What really caught our attention was Cote calling these killing contests, “a violation of a key tenet of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation adhered to by ethical hunters, which states that wildlife should only be killed for a legitimate purpose.”

We agree with Mr. Cote – wildlife killing contests are unethical and have no place in our modern society.


Let me tell you ’bout the Bears and the Bees!


Mountain LionFarming at an elevation of 8000 feet is challenging in itself. Farming while paying attention to the greater picture of environmental integrity is the vision of Zach and Jasmine Cecelic of the Wildhood Farm in Truchas New Mexico. A vision which is encapsulated in this line from Zach’s web-bio, “Today, he makes his personal philosophy a practice by creating room and habitat for all of his human and non-human friends.”

Jasmine talked freely and happily about her dedication to being a producer and honoring the natural world. Read more