Let me tell you ’bout the Bears and the Bees!


Mountain LionFarming at an elevation of 8000 feet is challenging in itself. Farming while paying attention to the greater picture of environmental integrity is the vision of Zach and Jasmine Cecelic of the Wildhood Farm in Truchas New Mexico. A vision which is encapsulated in this line from Zach’s web-bio, “Today, he makes his personal philosophy a practice by creating room and habitat for all of his human and non-human friends.”

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Tuesday Tribute: Fulton Farm, Nebraska


Who can you name from Nebraska that has really made a difference to life on our planet? Sure, there is a whole cast of entertainers from Fred Astaire to Marlon Brando, with Nick Nolte in between. There is even President Gerald Ford, and Malcolm X certainly made a statement, but who is making a difference?

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Tuesday Tribute: The Grazerie, Alberta

Eric & Louise of The Grazerie (Photo credit: predator-friendly-ranching.blogspot.com)

Eric & Louise of The Grazerie (Photo credit: predator-friendly-ranching.blogspot.com)

Just as wildlife know no boundaries, we are heading north of the border to Canada this week! The Cougar Fund recently had the privilege of speaking with Alberta rancher Louise Liebenberg, whose ranch The Grazerie was the first certified Predator Friendly ranch in Canada. Located near the town of High Prairie in north central Alberta, The Grazerie is situated right in the middle of cougar, wolf, coyote, and black bear territory. As a result, raising sheep and cattle in the area comes with a number of unique challenges. So, how have they fared?

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