Mountain lion killed in Santa Paula neighborhood

Police shot and killed a mountain lion Tuesday as it advanced toward a resident in a Ventura County neighborhood

Mountain Lion Season Ended Saturday

The 2009 South Dakota mountain lion season closed Saturday with the harvesting of the 14th and 15th female lions.

NV plans to kill more mountain lions criticized

RENO, Nev.—Mountain lion advocates are up in arms over new plans announced by Nevada wildlife officials to kill more lions in order to help reverse a decline in mule deer numbers.

You May Be Attracting Mountain Lions to Your Property

Colorado’s abundant wildlife is often cited by residents as one of the things they like best about living here. During the mid and late 20th century, Colorado’s growth brought people in closer contact with deer, elk, and other wildlife species, to the delight of a new generation of wildlife watchers.

Ebay Urged to Halt Guided Trophy Hunt Auctions

Some North American wildlife advocacy groups are urging eBay to ban the posting of certain guided trophy hunts currently available on the online auction site.

Mountain lion season closes with 26 cats shot

South Dakota's fourth mountain lion hunting season ended Saturday when a hunter harvested a 78-pound female cat in Meade County. The lion was the 15th female of the season, a harvest limit.

Mother mountain lion captured, reunited with kitten

BOULDER, Colo. — A mother mountain lion was captured overnight Wednesday and reunited with her kitten, which was caught a day earlier while stuck in a tree in Boulder’s Newlands neighborhood.

Authorities shoot, kill cougar in downtown Ashland, Ore.

Oregon State Police say officers have shot and killed a cougar in downtown Ashland because of public safety concerns.

“Mountain lions” often turn out to be bobcats

Many of those mountain lions, which seem to be spotted more and frequently, may in fact be bobcats, reports the County Times. In the desert, female mountain lions have a range of about 32,000 acres and males about 64,000 acres (100 sq miles).

End of season approaches for mountain lion hunt

With the taking of the 13th female mountain lion on Monday, state Game Fish & Parks Department officials remind hunters to check the season status before going out to the field.