Authorities shoot, kill cougar in downtown Ashland, Ore.

Oregon State Police say officers have shot and killed a cougar in downtown Ashland because of public safety concerns.

“Mountain lions” often turn out to be bobcats

Many of those mountain lions, which seem to be spotted more and frequently, may in fact be bobcats, reports the County Times. In the desert, female mountain lions have a range of about 32,000 acres and males about 64,000 acres (100 sq miles).

End of season approaches for mountain lion hunt

With the taking of the 13th female mountain lion on Monday, state Game Fish & Parks Department officials remind hunters to check the season status before going out to the field.

Senate rejects plan to use dogs for lion hunting

The state Senate strongly refused Wednesday to allow mountain-lion hunters to use dogs in South Dakota. The vote was 27-6 against the bill sponsored by Sen. Gordon Howie, an avid big-game hunter.

Angel The Dog Saves 11 Year-Old From Cougar Attack (UPDATE) (VIDEO)

It's a story straight out of Old Yeller. 11-year-old Austin Forman was stepping out to collect firewood outside his family's home in Boston Bar, British Columbia, when a cougar approached him, poised to attack.

Trail camera near Atoka snaps a mountain lion

Ryan Ritter of Atoka couldn’t believe what he was seeing on New Year’s Day when he looked at the photos from his new trail camera

Lion hunting districts closed

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks today announced that it has closed all mountain lion hunting in four hunting districts in southwest Montana and that it will close two in western Montana because quotas have been met there.

Mom fends off cougar with cleaning rag in second B.C. attack

Pinned face down in the snow by a cougar, seven-year-old David Metzler Jr. was already bleeding from wounds to his scalp and back when his mother came running from the church, armed with nothing but a scrub rag.