Buckley wants ODFW answers on cougar study

Rep. Peter Buckley wants the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to justify, both scientifically and fiscally, its killing of cougars as part of a study on whether thinning predator numbers can reduce human-safety conflicts and livestock damage.

Conservationists turn out to kick off Save the Florida Panther Week

When it comes to saving the Florida panther, much more hangs in the balance than the fate of a single species in an isolated geographical area, experts say.

Students Track Mountain Lions As Class Project

Madeline is one of ten, bright students from Estes Park that are partnering with the Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy to study Colorado's top predator, the mountain lion.

Big Cat Kill Still Gets Big Bucks

A week after Oregon lawmakers voted to reduce funding for education and social service programs, the conservation advocacy group Big Wildlife wonders why a plan to kill 2,000 cougars is still fully funded.

Police shoot roaming lion

A young mountain lion roaming around homes in the lower Big Mountain area was dispatched Tuesday by Whitefish police.

Bill would require ODFW to play bigger role in wildlife protection

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop and implement a program to help farmers and ranchers reduce conflict between people and wildlife through non-deadly means.

DNR drops cougar search, for now

Wisconsin wildlife officials suspended their search for the mountain lion spotted near Spooner this week.

GF&P reviews lion hunting season

SPEARFISH, S.D. (AP) — Information from this year's hunting season on mountain lions will be used by state game officials to make a recommendation for next year's season to the Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

Wisconsin wildlife officials pursue mountain lion

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin wildlife officials continued Thursday to pursue a mountain lion roaming near Spooner in an effort to fit it with a radio collar.

Biologist says weather could affect cougars

Bismarck, N.D. (AP) The state Game and Fish Department says three of the mountain lions killed in the state this year had shortened tails from frost bite damage and two had frostbitten ears.