Man shoots, kills mountain lion in backyard

BOULDER – A man shot and killed a mountain lion on Sunday after it attacked his dog, according to a report in Boulder's Daily Camera.

Not your ordinary stray kitty

After receiving a dose of tranquilizer from a dart fired by Luke Ellsberry of the Wyoming Game and Fish, a mountain lion slowly relaxes on his perch at the home of Mike and Pam Masterson on North Bernard Street Sunday morning.

Pet Mountain Lion Bites Girl

A 10-year-old girl is listed in good condition at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh after being bitten by a mountain lion in Columbiana County.

Are SD Mountain Lions Eating Livestock?

While ranchers are worried about mountain lions attacking their livestock, one study said there is nothing to worry about.

More than 1 year after cougar shot in Chicago, remains stored at Field Museum

The remains of a 150-pound cougar shot and killed more than a year ago on Chicago's North Side are being stored at the Field Museum.

Mountain Lion Attack 'A Lie'

A 16-year-old boy and his friend limped into the coffee shop adjacent to the Screaming Squirrel restaurant in Pine Mountain Village on Sunday, May 17 at about 4:30 p.m. They were seeking assistance for what observers thought

Mountain Lion escapes at Great Bend Zoo

Great Bend police had to shoot a mountain lion Sunday night that got loose at the Brit Spaugh Zoo.

Possible sightings of big cats reported in Ohio

Potential sightings of some very big cats have cropped up on the Buckeye side of the Ohio River Valley, including a possible glimpse of what some local residents believe to be a mountain lion.

Big-cat accounts continue – North Carlolina

Last Sunday's column brought out another sighting of the large cat that has been seen recently in northern Iredell County.

Cougar Sighting Reported Near Chippewa Falls

The Wisconsin DNR receivesanotherreport that someone spotted a cougar, which has the agency wondering if there are at least a few big cats roaming western Wisconsin…