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Proceedings of the 11th Mountain Lion Workshop

What To Do Wednesday: Issue #7

What to do about dangerous, wildlife “unfriendly” fencing. Spring is the time of year that people typically associate with “home improvement,” whether it be cleaning out their house, sprucing up their yards, or working on various other construction projects. This also makes it a good time of year to assess your property, and identify potential […]

What To Do Wednesday: Issue #6

What to do if your neighbor is feeding wildlife. They say everyone likes a little drama. While we at The Cougar Fund typically prefer to get straight to “the facts,” we have decided to delve deeper into one of the more controversial issues when it comes to wildlife. Feeding wildlife – such as putting out […]

What To Do Wednesday: Issue #5

What to do to keep bears out of your yard. By this point, most people will be well aware that bears are out and about again. As we highlighted in an earlier post, living with bears (and all carnivores) requires that we make a number of changes to our lifestyle and behavior in order to […]

Let me tell you ’bout the Bears and the Bees!

  Farming at an elevation of 8000 feet is challenging in itself. Farming while paying attention to the greater picture of environmental integrity is the vision of Zach and Jasmine Cecelic of the Wildhood Farm in Truchas New Mexico. A vision which is encapsulated in this line from Zach’s web-bio, “Today, he makes his personal […]

What To Do Wednesday: Issue #4

What to do to keep you and your pets safe from traps on public lands. Here in Jackson Hole, and in many other places throughout the West, the thaw has begun! By now, many of us are itching to get outside and use our feet as our primary mode of transportation (as opposed to skis, […]

What To Do Wednesday: Issue #3

What to do if you see a cougar near your home. Following the recent news that a cougar was killed by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks for getting too comfortable  around a Helena home, it seems appropriate to discuss the nuances of safely coexisting with these felids. Because cougars are wild animals, their behavior can […]

What To Do Wednesday: Issue #2

What to do when bears start emerging from hibernation. Incredibly, March is already here and we’re slowly but surely crawling towards spring. Spring brings many welcome changes: the thaw, wildflowers, longer days, and warmer temperatures. It also brings a few challenges for residents and recreational users throughout the west, none more significant than the emergence […]

Tuesday Tribute: Fulton Farm, Nebraska

Who can you name from Nebraska that has really made a difference to life on our planet? Sure, there is a whole cast of entertainers from Fred Astaire to Marlon Brando, with Nick Nolte in between. There is even President Gerald Ford, and Malcolm X certainly made a statement, but who is making a difference? […]