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Nebraska will NOT hold 2015 lion hunting season

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission today decided that they will not authorize a 2015 hunting season for mountain lions. After over a dozen cats were killed in 2014 from a population that was estimated to be between 15 – 22 animals, many groups – including The Cougar Fund – had hoped that Nebraska would suspend the hunt. Director Douglas cited the need for more research in order to make an informed decision. He would not rule out the possibility of reinstating cougar hunting in the future.

An excerpt from the Journal Star article reads: “‘This isn’t any different i want to buy valtrex than what we do with any other game species,’ Douglas said, indicating that the decision wasn’t the result of any controversy surrounding the hunting of mountain lions in the state.”

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission tallied at least 16 lion mortalities in 2014 alone, 10 of which were females. Apparently, this played a large part in the Director’s decision, and the Commission has now budgeted $60,000 for mountain lion research.

It appears that Senator Ernie Chambers will still push on with his legislative attempt to ban mountain lion hunting in the state.

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