The Holidays!!!!

Oh Golly, if you are anything like us, the Holidays are a wonderful time, full of love and celebration….it’s how we get to the place where we can relax and enjoy them that is the challenge!

So many of our friends and families already have much of what they want and need. People everywhere are starting to embrace a more minimalist way of living, especially those who are concerned about the effects of over-consumption on our beautiful planetary home.

This year The Cougar Fund is making it possible for you to make a gift donation in the name of someone you know that loves the earth and the creatures we share it with. We are motivated and dedicated. We strive to provide facts about wildlife, the need for open space, for public lands, for diversity of species including the large charismatic carnivores like the cougar and grizzly where can i order valtrex bear and wolf. How we can help them thrive and how we might accommodate having these magnificent beings on our landscapes with the least potential for conflict. Our educational outreach is expanding and successfully inspiring new generations. We love what we do and are confident your own dear ones will be thrilled if you help our work by giving in their name. You can even personalize the beautiful e-card that will be sent as acknowledgement of your gift, or download and print it to pop under the tree!

Just follow this link, make a donation and the page will open up for you to express your love and send your Holiday Greetings to the recipient. Thank you for helping us, thank you for caring about the natural world. May all your days be as happy as the Holidays.

Cougar Fund Holiday Card