Tom Mangelsen Fights Back for Grizzly Bears

The Cougar Fund’s co-founder Tom Mangelsen continues to fight for the welfare of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Here are some of his published letters concerning this can i buy valtrex in thailand critical large carnivore:

Bear managers’ credibility on the line – Jackson Hole News&Guide_ Guest Shot

Game and Fish should lead by example – Jackson Hole News&Guide_ Guest Shot

Letter to IGBST (2013)

How Illinois is preparing for large carnivores

Nebraska has the chance to do the right thing

Meanwhile, in a tree in Nebraska…

Wildlife Killing Contest Flyer

No matter how many Killing events they put on – it will NEVER be the right thing to do.

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A great little book to treat yourself to…

The world knows Jane Goodall by the many hats she wears…unrivaled primatologist, ambassador for peace, advocate for all animals-human and non-human, champion for compassion, tireless traveller, undaunted environmentalist and honored member of The Cougar Fund Family. This treasured book will take you a little closer to Dr. Jane, as it explores buy generic valtrex “The Jane Effect” on the individual lives of those she has inspired, mentored and befriended. Preorder your copy today using Amazon Smile (select The Cougar Fund as your charitable organization) and The Cougar Fund will receive a donation from Amazon.


Oregon, you cannot do this!

Predator Defense gets it right!

Gray Wolf killed in case of Mistaken Identity in Utah