Car, Cougar Collide Near Quilcene

A woman was driving outside Quilcene when a cougar came out of the woods and collided with her car.

Meet the Newest Mountain Lion of the Santa Monica Mountains

Well, she may not be the newest or youngest in our local mountains, but she is the most recent cougar to be trapped, tagged and released by the National Park Service, who has been conducting a study with them over the past seven years.

Mountain lion captured in eastern part of Denver metro ar

A mountain lion on the far east edge of the metro region was tranquilized in a mobile home park shed this morning.

Officials say Hubbardston mountain lion reports exaggerated

An announcement on the town's official Web site warning residents about a mountain lion wandering around likely refers to a bobcat, animal control officer Deborah H. Giordano said today.

Three young cougars killed after stalking Princeton residents

Princeton residents are being warned to keep an eye out for cougars after three "killer cats" were shot and killed in a two-week period after they were seen stalking people at a campground, a swimming hole and a baseball tournament.

Possible wild cat spotted

Tina Walker was enjoying a quiet Sunday night with her husband when something strange walked through the couple's backyard.

Saving the Puma

The puma is also called cougar, mountain lion, panther, and sadly, endangered. The only more widely distributed land mammal in the Western Hemisphere is the human… and therein lies the problem.

DNA links cougar killed in Georgia's Troup County to south Florida panther population

The tests are in, and the cat was wild. DNA tests show the cougar a Newnan man shot in Troup County last November was a Florida panther, and apparently not, as authorities initially suspected, an animal that had been held captive.

Nebraska wildlife officials probing big cat sighting

Nebraska wildlife officials are investigating a reported mountain lion sighting near Malcolm and say they have some evidence to help them.

Cougar Sighting Hoax in Newark

The Department of Environmental Conservation gets dozens of calls about strange animals every year. In this case, they say the animal in question, a cougar, was part of a prank that went too far.